Multi-Talented Terezia Revesova Makes Things Happen

After her victory at the U.S. Open World Martial Arts Championship, Terezia Revesova went on to a large number of other activities. Not long after, in 2011, Terezia became the first-ever Miss Czech Slovak America, which led to her becoming a guest of honor or even a judge, at several prominent beauty pageants throughout New York City.

From there, she began to receive a series of modeling jobs in New York City, for prominent names in fashion such as Vince Camuto, Jessica Simpson, and Fergie. It was during this time that Terezia Revesova caught the attention of shoe designer Carlos Molina who then went on to hire her for a job.

New York City was also where Terezia Revesova’s acting aspirations came to fruition. For a time, she studied at the New York Film Academy. Terezia recognized that the process of becoming an actor was a very long and difficult one, she persevered and continued pushing forward.

Terezia Revesova continued to work on her craft while studying at the Baron Brown Studio in Los Angeles. She also continued to work on her language skills with Madame Rasmussen at Super Learners language school in Beverly Hills. Terezia Revesova is a martial arts champion, model, actress, and more. This woman is clearly someone who knows how to make things happen.