Terezia Revesova Believes in Doing Everything Well

When Terezia Revesova won a medal at the U.S Open World Martial Arts Championship in the Karate Kata category, her victory launched her to the next level of her career, in many different areas. The press coverage from this event opened doors to many more opportunities, in areas far away from the karate world.

Terezia’s beauty pageant career took off when she was crowned the first-ever Miss Czech Slovak America, and it didn’t stop there. Her success led to being a guest judge at beauty pageants and was even selected as the guest of honor.

The former president of Slovakia, Andrej Kiska, visited New York at one point and congratulated Terezia Revesova for her impressive success in the United States. He clearly was in admiration of the impressive accomplishments Terezia Revesova worked hard at, including karate, beauty competitions, and modeling.

She was soon recognized by big fashion names, such as Fergie and Jessica Simpson, and began to receive high-profile modeling jobs in New York City.