Former President of Slovakia Andrej Kiska Congratulates Terezia Revesova on her Success

Terezia Revesova was congratulated by the former president of Slovakia, Andrej Kiska, during one of his visits to New York City. Terezia Revesova made great strides after immigrating to America from her home country Slovakia. She serves as an inspiration to many, as highlighted in the Slovak press, so this honor comes as no surprise.

A few of Terezia Revesova’s notable successes include winning a gold medal in the Karate Katata the U.S. Open World Championship in 2006 and being crowned the first-ever Miss Czech Slovak America in 2011. These are no easy feats. Terezia Revesova has accomplished a great deal since moving to America, and President Kiska wanted to commend her for her hard work and success.

Beyond martial arts and beauty pageants, now Los Angeles resident, Terezia Revesova is active in the film industry and has projects in the works that are sure to make her country proud.