Miss Chech Slovak Pageant

Miss Czech Slovak Pageant: Terezia Revesova

Terezia Revesova, More than a Martial Arts Champion 

Terezia Revesova is a champion, not just in the ring but also on-stage as a beauty pageant contestant and fashion model. Terezia Revesova won several martial arts tournaments and even went on to compete and win a gold medal in the Karate Kata the U.S. Open World Championship in 2006. While Terezia Revesova has seen success in martial arts, she has found success in other activities such as beauty pageants.

Terezia competed and was crowned the first-ever Miss Czech Slovak America in 2011. This accomplishment led her to be welcomed with open arms into the New York City scene. She soon after became a guest of honor and a judge at several beauty pageants throughout New York City.

She attended numerous fashion shows and she even modeled for prominent designers such as Fergie, Jessica Simpson, and Vince Camuto. This led to even more opportunities that allowed Terezia to develop even more skills outside of her martial arts background. In this time of change and opportunity, Terezia found herself learning so much that helped her grow in ways she never could have imagined and eventually led her to move to Los Angeles, California.


“Competing, winning and becoming the first Miss Czech Slovak America 2011 was such an honor. I will never forget that moment.”

— Terezia Revesova

Former Miss Czech Slovak America: Terezia Revesova

Terezia Revesova Believes in Doing Everything Well

When Terezia Revesova won a medal at the U.S Open World Martial Arts Championship in the Karate Kata category, her victory launched her to the next level of her career, in many different areas. The press coverage from this event opened doors to many more opportunities, in areas far away from the karate world.

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Multi-Talented Terezia Revesova Makes Things Happen

After her victory at the U.S. Open World Martial Arts Championship, Terezia Revesova went on to a large number of other activities. Not long after, in 2011, Terezia became the first-ever Miss Czech Slovak America, which led to her becoming a guest of honor or even a judge, at several prominent beauty pageants throughout New…

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